Meet Scott Gates

Hi, I am Scott Gates

Scott grew up in a small town where everyone helps each other. It was through experiences like this that Scott learned how to be more hands-on with the obstacles life throws his way. However, it was the men in his life that impacted him the most. He was raised by cowboys and good old boys. His father and Grandfather offered him an ideal template of what a real man should be. They taught him more than just the value of hard work and honesty. Unfortunately, as Scott got older he noticed a running theme in regards to the men he idolized. They never once complained about their health. While most people may conclude that this was due to the fact that their health was in optimal condition, it was Scott who noticed this was not the case.

Having grown up the same way they were raising their beloved son and grandson they had been taught to put the needs of others above their own.

While it is honorable to be kind and generous it can take its toll on our immune systems. Scott having been around these noble men his whole life was able to see the subtle changes that occurred when one of them was not feeling up to par. When he confronted his heroes and asked them why they didn’t ask for help when they clearly needed it he was shocked by their reply. It turns out that these kind-hearted men did not want to be a bother.

It occurred to Scott that if he did not help them understand the true value of putting your own health at the forefront that they would soon be unable to help anyone. It was through his past experiences that he chose the perfect approach for each individual he came across struggling to make their own health a priority. Scott noticed, in time, that the majority of individuals who were putting their own health and wellness needs dead last were men and mothers. That was when he chose to switch gears and dedicate his time and focus on helping men man up and put their health first. 

Scott’s approach to wellness uses the theory that in order to help others in crisis you must first apply your own oxygen mask before extending your hand to assist others. He incorporates more than just your physical needs. By approaching your health from a mind, body, and soul perspective he is able to address the root cause of your health and wellness concerns. If you find that your story is similar to Scott’s or the wonderful men who raised him, you owe it to yourself to make your health a priority. Scott’s manly approach to wellness is sure to help put your priorities in order. If you are ready to start living the life you deserve contact him today.

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What I do for Healthy Nutrition?

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  • Reports the patient progress